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Chapter 1- Liam

My dream: to make it in the music industry with my singing

I continued to stare at what I had written months ago-frustrated that I was in the same place. “what’s that?”

I jumped. I can’t believe I didn’t hear her coming. I swiveled my chair as if to hide it behind my back, but I was too slow. “AnnMarie! Give it back!”

AnnMarie had been my best friend since grade school and she has always supported my singing but what she didn’t know was how far I wanted to take it.
“Liam” she said softly, “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”
“Well I’ve had other things on my mind recently” I said looking down.
“Aw Li…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring Danielle into this.”
“it’s ok”

I have been dating Danielle for a couple of years now. Although recently, I’ve felt her drifting away from me. And it hurt.
“You ready for the gig?” AnnMarie asked gently.
“Yeah…the same karaoke place as last week right?” I said smiling a bit.
“Yep! I’m so excited! This is your favorite place to sing!”
“I know!”

We discussed which dogs I should sing the whole car ride and continued as we walked through the door. But I immediately skidded in my tracks, catching AnnMarie off guard.
“What’s wrong Li-” she cut off as she followed my line of vision, “oh.”

Danielle was sitting in the front row, her curls glowing from all the lights. I felt a light pat on my back from my best friend as I headed to the stage. I sang with more vigor than ever before, releasing all the emotions bottled up.
After the performance I headed toward the counter to get a water.
“excuse me.”
I turned around and saw a professional looking man in a nice suit.
“Hello, how can I help you?” I asked politely.
“My name is Simon. I work with a music label and I would really like to try and get you signed.”
“Are you ser- I mean that would be fantastic!”
“Ok great! The plan is I took a video of your performance tonight and I’ll be sending it to the boss and he’ll make his decision by the end of this week.”

I stood there with my mouth open as he walked away.
“Liam…earth to Liam”
I almost didn’t hear AnnMarie calling me.
“yeah…sorry” I said quickly.
“What was that all about?”
“He wants to get me signed on a label!!”

We were jumping up and down when I get someone tapping on my shoulder. I turned around.

“Danielle” I stated.
“Can I talk to you Liam? In private?” she asked.

* One Week Later*
You can only watch toy story so many times Liam, I thought to myself. I had been in my sweats ever since that night, trying not to dwell on what happened with Danielle. My phone buzzed.

It was Simon.

I hurried and picked it up.
“Hi Liam…It’s Simon. I have some news.”
“Ok I’m ready”
“They don’t think you can survive as a solo artist”

I hung up and instantly pressed speed dial.
“AnnMarie…my house, and bring tons of junk food”

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Chapter 1 - Harry’s POV

“Harry, love.” I was being uncovered, “Time to get up! It’s beautiful outside today, and you have work.” Mum told me. I sat up, rubbing my sleepy eyes and shaking my hair our of my face. Today felt like a good day. I couldn’t explain it, but it just felt good. I reached over and grabbed my phone checking for new messages. I had one from my girlfriend, Lisa. I replied quickly, before getting dressed and going downstairs.

“You look happy this morning,” Mum said, as she placed a plate of food in front of me. I nodded my head as I began to stuff my face. “Something going on that I should know about?” She asked all mother-like. I shook my head to not worry her, and swallowed.

“Can’t I ever just be happy without being questioned?” I responded. She gave me one of those looks, “Okay, to be honest I don’t know. I just feel like today is going to be a good one, okay?” She nodded, as she took my plate away.

“Alright, love. You better get going, you’ll be late to work.” I stood up, throwing on my jumper, bracing myself for the cool Spring afternoon air. I said my goodbyes, and I started working to the bakery where I worked. I loved it there. It’s fun and definitely a great place to work. The bakery wasn’t too far from my house, it was just in town, down a few blocks. So, I usually walked instead of drove there. I’d only drive if it was pouring outside, or in Winter, when it got really cold.

“Hello,” I smiled, greeting John, the bakery owner. He smiled as he put a fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies in one of the display cases. I went in the back and took off my jumper, making my way to the front as a view costumer’s strolled in. John helped then and they soon left. He came over to me and patted my back, “Harry, you’re a good kid…”

I mentally slapped myself at that very moment. I’m being fired, was my first thought. So much for that great day feeling. I looked down, a bit disappointed. I did love this job. Maybe my mum was right. I should do something with my voice. I do love to sing, I just don’t think I’d make it far. I sighed, “You’re firing me…” I trailed off, waiting for him to finish.

“What!” He exclaimed, full of shock. I looked up at him a little confused. “No, why would I do that?!” I let out a relieved sigh. “I just want to know if you’d be able to hold down the fort while I run a few errands.” I looked up at him and smiled.

“Yeah, I can do that!”


While John was gone, there weren’t many costumers. A few kids looking for sweets, and an older couple. I got bored while waiting so I started cleaning. Completely not me, but I that’s what I did. I wiped down counters and the display case. As I did, I started to sing. I really enjoyed singing, I just never thought I’d make it far. Small town people, get small town jobs. They don’t make it big in a world like this. It takes a lot of talent. A lot.

“Isn’t she lovely,” I sang, “Isn’t she wonderful. Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we’d be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn’t she lovely made from love.”

Someone cleared there throat behind me, startling me. I jumped back a little. I turned around to see a man standing there, “Oh, I’m sorry.” I said, walking behind to counter, “What would you like?”

“Your name, son?”

“Excuse me.”

“My name’s Simon Cowell, and I think you can go places with that voice of your’s.”


My mum, and Lisa, were elated when I told her the news. I began singing and I was doing really well. It was life changing. Everything started happening so fast. Meeting Simon Cowell like that… in a bakery. Wow.

“I’m so proud of you. I told you that you could do it,” Lisa hugged me, wrapped her arms around my neck, as I pulled her into a kiss.

“Yeah, I guess you were write.” I smiled, sitting down on the grass in my backyard. She sat with me.

“You guess?” She questioned, raising her eyebrows. “I was right! Got that!” She pointed a finger at me, doing her best to hold in her laughter.

“Okay, you were right.” I said with a smirk.

“I know I was.” She leaned her head onto my shoulder, laughing, as I wrapped an arm around her. My phone started buzzing around in my pocket.I leaned back, pulling it out and answering it.

“Hello…..yeah…okay sure!” I looked down at Lisa, “It was Simon, he wants to talk to me.”

“That’s great!” She kissed my cheek, “Go, go!” I stood up.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home on the way over there.”


I dropped her off and drove straight to his office, which surprisingly was that far. I walked into the big building and to the lift, getting off at the 3rd floor. I found his office and knocked on the door lightly. “Come in!”

I walked in and he immediately told me to sit. I was a little nervous. By the look of his face, I knew it was going to be bad news.

“Harry…” He started, “I don’t think this is going to work.”


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Chapter 1- Louis

Destiny is calling me

Open up your eager eyes

Cause I’m Mr. Brightside

            I waited as the music faded, looking around at the audience. I was just so grateful to be here. It might have been at a local pub with only about 50 people listening to my band, The Rogue play, but I didn’t care. It was enough for me.

            I came off the stage with a natural high, and arms immediately surrounded my waist. I looked down at the small silhouette now cradled in my body and laughed.

“Hello to you too, Amy.”

“Sorry Louis, I just…can’t. You were so amazing! Did you hear yourself? Mr. Brightside is definitely my new favorite song!” I smiled down at her, almost protectively. Even though I was only a year older than her at 18, I felt like Amy’s father sometimes.

“I thought you did quite well too, Louis.” I forgot that there were more people in the room, so when I brought my attention away from Amy, I was met with the eyes of my girlfriend, Marisa. Did I see a hint of jealousy in her expression? No that couldn’t be, everyone knows there is nothing going on between Amy and I.

            I quickly pulled out of my embrace with Amy and took Marisa’s hands in mine.

I looked to the slightly shorter figure in front of me. She has brown eyes, but with brown hair similar to my own, she looks more like my sister than any of my actual siblings do.

            I looked between the two girls in front of me. “Alright to celebrate for the heck of it, I’m treating my two favorite girls to ice cream.”

“Sounds like a great idea!” Amy replied immediately. I could see the hesitation in Marisa’s eyes.

“Come on babe, it’ll be fun!”

“Alright, let’s go.” She replied seconds later.

“Excuse me son, are you Louis Tomlinson, the singer of The Rogue?” A man’s voice came from behind us while we were walking out the door. I turned around, curious.

“Yes I am?” It came out more as a question unintentionally.

“Hello, I’m Simon Cowell, and I can’t hide the fact that I was very impressed with your performance.”

“Thank you, sir.” I was immediately on my best behavior. It was Simon Cowell after all.

“Would you be willing to come to my office to see about starting you off on your own solo career?”

I couldn’t believe it. I’ve wanted this all along but when the time finally came, I stood there like a fool with my mouth hanging open. It was Amy nudging me in the kidney that brought me back to reality.

“I would love to Mr. Cowell, thank you.” He handed me his contact information and walked off.

“Lou! Do you know what that means! Simon freaking Cowell wants you! Isn’t that amazing?” I knew that was Amy speaking before I even had to look over to them. I knew what it meant, for sure. It’s what I wanted all along. Only problem is, Marisa has told me many times before, if I go into singing, she will leave me. I stood there like an idiot, not knowing what to do. The look on Marisa’s face said it all.

            The next morning, I was sitting in Simon Cowell’s office. My foot was tapping incredibly fast, but I didn’t find the will to stop doing it.

Marisa and I fought last night. For a long time. She kept saying that I was being selfish, thinking about my career and not of her. She assured me the long distance thing wouldn’t work, and that if I made it big I wouldn’t have any time for her. All I knew was that I didn’t want to lose Marisa, so I agreed to anything, just to get her to stay.

“That’s right sir. All I want is to be assured that I can bring my girlfriend with me whenever I go out of the country.” I could tell Simon didn’t like it, but apparently he wanted me bad enough, so he changed the contract.

            The next few months were great. Simon and his record label were eager to get me known, so I had already released two singles while I was still working on my album. My first hit got to number 1 in theUK, and number 2 inIreland, and I traveled to a few countries aroundEurope, with Marisa in tow. I couldn’t have imagined a better time.

Then came the bad news. Simon had called me into his office unexpectedly, and I was nervous for what was to come.

“I’m sorry Louis, but your second single has barely sold at all in some countries, and it’s not doing too well inEnglandeither.”

“What does that mean for me, sir?” Simon was always so vague when it came to explaining bad news.

“It means you no longer have a solo career with Syco, Louis.” 

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